Tailor-made B2C Solutions
With years of experience, our ecommerce expertise is capable of developing unique B2C solutions to fulfil our clients needs. We can provide professional advices on regulatory affairs, duty & tax, business model to help you cope with dynamic challenges in this fast moving ecommerce world.
Self-developed B2C System
We established our own IT team specialised in developing, enhancing, managing and maintaining a cross-border-oriented B2C logistics system to support your business expansion with seamless integration with upstream and downstream operation parties. Your customer can always track his/her own shipment status here easily.
Reverse Logistics Management
Reverse logistics is one of the critical part in the whole ecommerce logistics chain. Our network all over the globe is able to support you to manage reverse logistics activities such as ship back to origin or conduct re-sale activities locally with the most cost-effective way.
Value-added Service
Enhancing shopping experience is an essential key to retain customer on your own e-business. We are capable of supporting you with value-added services or after-sale services like Customer Service, Cash-on-delivery, Refund Activities, Re-sale Activities, etc., without huge amount of investment in prior.